10 Ways Hypnobirthing Helps Deliver A More Natural And Calmer Birth

Whether you’re looking into tools and techniques that can help you approach birth without fear, or you want to have a completely natural birth, hypnobirthing classes can help. Hypnobirthing can help you enjoy a more natural, calmer birth and can help you in ways which will probably surprise you.

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Hypnobirthing Benefits

Here are my top 10 benefits hypnobirthing classes can help to provide for your birth:

  1. Reduced pain – hypnobirthing is centred on learning how to reduce, minimise or even eliminate pain. Many hypnobirthing mums do not require any pain relief and some hypnobirthing mothers can enjoy a completely pain free birth.
  2. Quicker labour – Hypnobirthing can help to significantly shorten your labour by helping you to work with your body during labour, as opposed to working against your body.
  3. Confidence – hypnobirthing helps you to feel that you’re taking control of your birth and the confidence and sense of empowerment this provides is invaluable.
  4. Closeness with your partner – an often overlooked side effect of hypnobirthing is the extra closeness you can grow with your partner by working together as a team during the hypnobirthing classes.
  5. Drug free birth – after spending nine months avoiding consuming any substances that can be toxic to your unborn baby, why change that during birth. Hypnobirthing during labour helps to avoid exposing baby to pain medications.
  6. Natural birth and beyond – a natural labour sets forth a chain of chemical reactions in your body that are designed to provide an easy labour, fast recovery, stress-free breastfeeding and deep natural bond with your new baby.
  7. Calm baby and mum – hypnobirthing uses powerful relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis which are highly effective in reducing stress hormones in your body, helping baby to stay calmer too.
  8. Reduce or eliminate fear and anxiety – it’s scientifically proven that fear and anxiety of pain during childbirth increase mother’s actual experiences of pain. Hypnobirthing classes can help to reduce or eliminate your anxiety about your upcoming childbirth. Sharing your experiences of a calm and gentle birth, to other mums in future, can help to counteract the many negative birth stories out there.
  9. Go with the natural flow of labour with ease – hypnobirthing classes are all about providing a solid foundation for you to create a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing can help you to let go of concerns about things you can’t control and allow you to feel calm and confident to ease through any situations that present themselves on the day.
  10. Self-hypnosis is a skill for life – self-hypnosis is a very natural and easy skill to learn. Just like meditation, self-hypnosis is a skill that can help you manage stress and anxiety for the rest of your life and long after the birth.

If you’re interested in finding out more about hypnobirthing and how it could help you and your baby, be sure to check out your local qualified hypnobirthing practitioner like hypnobirthing Newcastle in the North East of England.

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