4 Green Cleaning Tips for your home

There is nothing like a clean home with a whiff of fresh air to rejuvenate you. Moreover, the new and welcome smell to kindle your spirit would enchant you. The Portland Green cleaning assures you that and much more.

We are the experts. We know better than other what cleanliness means to you and your family, we put our soul and mind to make the real meaning of cleanliness.

We have many years of a track record which you can call as envious. You may kindly visit our website http://cleanaffinity.com to get the hang of our services.

Contact, Survey, and scheduling
You may call us anytime. We would make an exhaustive survey of your premises. Frankly, we do not like to shove it under the carpet attitude.
We know some occupants are allergic to dust. We would schedule the cleaning in such a way that the people inside are lease affected by the dust.

Hidden dirt
Perhaps you never realized that dust and dirt could hide from you for much longer from your notice. And that attracts the pests as unwelcomed guests to your home; you can stop cursing because we are here, yes we are the best cleaning service
Tools and tackles
Yes, we have the best tools tackles to make the perfect jog=b of cleaning still better. We deploy power operated as well as hand operated gadgets to reach those places which you could never have dreamt to reach. We will not burden you for the bucket brush or cobweb brush. We are truly into cleaning!
We are eco-friendly
You have one more reason to rely on us; we do not use harsh chemicals to show you how efficient and instantaneous our work is. Instead, as our name suggests, we do a thorough Portland green cleaning.
You can rely on us for your regular or recurring or spring cleaning service.

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