A Better Way to Control Calories That Everyone Should Know

Calories are a significant determinant of how fit your body will be. All fitness enthusiasts including the bodybuilders, people on a weight loss program and the athletes should control their calories strictly to achieve their dreams. According to Musclesfax experts, all users must keep a tab of their calories to get the most out of these steroids gear. Apart from counting, there are numerous better ways to keep them in check and if followed well, achieving your fitness dreams is very easy. This article will discuss more.

Is counting calories the best way?

If you ask most of the reputable experts, counting of calories is faced with a handful of challenges. According to a study, people rely on estimation which is often wrong with a deviation of over 20 percent. Another nutrition experts also advise that the calories control equations are rarely right.

From the above insights shared by various experts, it means that much of the efforts people make in keeping strict tabs on calories they take and relating them to the exercises is a more a futile effort than a worthy course. A deviation in numbers and misleading data stored in users tablets and fitness assistants can go a long way to derail their goals in losing weight, toning the muscles and getting a lean body.

What better way can fitness enthusiasts embrace?

People can devise better nutrition habits to keep their calories under control at all times. It is a no-brainer that various categories of food have different numbers of calories with carbohydrates being on the higher side and water being calories free. So, below is how to determine the number of calories on different foods;


Depending on the goal ahead, the portion size will depend on your workouts. Remember that extreme workouts for athletes will need more energy which comes from the carbs. On the other hand, people on weight loss programs can not afford to add any extra fats. However, experts in nutrition usually advise that carbohydrate rich foods like grains should be measured using a cupped hand. Unknown to many – fruits fall into this category and can also be measured using the same way. Men who are active than the ladies can do two cupped hands while women can do one per serving.


Most people have mistaken that proteins have few calories. However, some protein foods like legumes have a higher number of calories. So, the best way to measure it is through the use of palm sized portion. An average lady can do up to six palm sized portions on the higher side per day and a minimum of four palm size portions. It varies because some ladies are more active than others in exercises and workouts.

For men, an average of six to eight palm size portions will do the magic. The active side should focus on the higher number size they need well build cell at all times.

The vegetables

The fist sized portion is the standard here particularly for the non-starchy vegetables like dark green vegetables and carrots. Just like the protein, men can go for eight portions per day and ladies up to 6 portions

With these guidelines, you can rest assured that your calories are in a better control and you do not have to waste much time with a calculator.

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