Assisted Living Services Shreveport – Are the Workers in Your Loved One’s Assisted Living Facility Qualified?

Care giving job is a very sensitive job that requires a dedicated, driven, committed and professional individual who are passionate and ready to make a difference in the field. This is why in most of the adverts for recruitment into these facilities, the foregoing features are extensively stressed or emphasised. The whole idea is to get people who have what it takes to keep the facility running day after day.

Just like in every other organisation or business make up, the staffs or the individuals who are in charge of the day to day running of the activities of the business or organisation have a very vital role to play in making sure things go as planned. They are directly responsible for the success or fall of the organisation.

So for the assisted living services Shreveport whose duty or objective is basically offering essential and effective care old individuals of the society who on their own cannot carry out certain daily activities like dressing, bathing, walking etc. While also providing mental and social rejuvenating exercises or activities in order to keep these individual physically and mentally sound and fit. but however in order to effectively carryout these duties, individuals who are qualified with some of the basic requirement of the job are needed.

Since our loved ones will be left to the care of these facility staffs, there is always this air of scepticism about the ability of these workers to effectively take care of our loved ones. Just to address our curiosity, there are ways we can know if our loved ones are in save hands. and that is by checking out the staffs qualifications and also what sort of training where given to these staffs.

  • RNs/LPNs – assisted living facilities don’t have registered nurses on their pay roll unlike what is obtainable in the nursing homes. But rather nurses most times visit to take medical assessment of residents but this must be with the licence or permission of the administrator or resident’s physician. The RNs and LPNs duties involves coming up with an extensive plan for the aged individuals in their care. Their duty also involves putting newly employed staffs through the necessary basic of the job. Being the only medical staffs around they also undertakes the task of giving medication to the residents.
  • CNAs/General Caregivers – The certified nursing assistants and general care-givers duties includes bathing, dressing, feeding, and also the general care of the residents. While certified nursing assistants have a comprehensive training of their roles, they also boast of strong hands-on experience and an in-depth knowledge of their job. But the general care-givers on the other are accorded on-the-job training, which means they didn’t come into the system with the basic skills. In cases where resident have ailments like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, it is usually the CNAs that put them through their therapies, making sure they don’t stay in isolation, and also providing them with all the necessary social and mental support that they require.

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