How to use a monkey dong and provide a synthetic urine when performing a drug test

Today many employers are deciding to keep a strict obedience when it comes to the working performances of their workers, and in a fact, in many situations they are behaving too harsh when it comes to each person’s freedom and availability. There are many methods over a certain privacy invasion, and one form of this are the drug tests which are performed over the employees. This means that in any time of the year, your boss may decide to take you to a walk at the lab, where a certain urine tests will be made to you, in order to decide if a certain substance abuse was being maintained. By this, they are crossing the silver line which stands as a very important role player when it comes to the person’s free time and the need of a certain relaxation once the shift is done. And if you are willing to read more over the efficiency and the ethics behind those tests, you can easily do it by reading the following article written by a PhD professor

Once those tests are being performed, the person can end up by receiving a suspension, or even more, the risk of losing the job place and the future of the career are being present as well. But in order to put those things aside, people have invented a new way which is very efficient when it comes to the mechanisms used in order to cheat on a drug test, and it is a device called Monkey Dong. Along this article we will give you some information related to the product, as well as offer you a review that can help you check if you are willing to order a device such as this one. Once you are done reading this article, you can easily find a manufacturer and purchase it as a kit which will be extremely helpful to you when it comes to unexpected drug tests at your workplace.

What is Monkey Dong?

The monkey dong is a device made out of a strap-on which comes in a couple of colors, which has a specialized place in which the synthetic urine is being stored, by this, the device can be easily used when performing the drug tests, since it is being help on a specially made belt which is placed around your hips. Once you put it on, you will be able to provide a pee which will be especially made, meaning that the temperature help will be as same as the natural once, since the heat will be maintained thanks to specialized pads that are getting warm in a short. This means that by using this device, there is literally no risk of being caught, since the strap-on will look exactly like your penis. Once you fill the cup, you can keep calm and be sure that no one will catch you, since the synthetic urine provided inside is made by a long period of research and a lot of adjustments before finding the best formula. And if you want to be sure about the product’s efficiency, we suggest that you take a look over the reviews available online, provided by the people who have already used a device such as this one. If all of the previous information weren’t enough for you, you can watch this video and see how the people around the world have used this device and check if they are satisfied from the product itself when considering the usage and the results of the test.

How to purchase it

First of all, we suggest that you make a good research when it comes to this device’s preferences, since nowadays, there are many devices which are looking similar as the monkey dong, but in a fact, they aren’t made by the same substances as the original. Keep in mind that monkey dong isn’t a product which was made as easy as you’ve thought it is, and since there was a big period followed until it was researched well enough, you must make sure that the purchased kit will be the original one. We suggest that you take a look over some Monkey Dong reviews here, which can help you find out which of those devices is the original. First of all, you should find a list of the available suppliers, and after you are done, you can easily purchase one from the company that has made the most quality product. But keep in mind not to check for the cheapest option available online, since it is not a sign that the product will be made out of a quality materials. Maybe the rubber will be the same, but keep in mind that it is the powdered urine what matters the most.

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