Here at we will be providing you the different items for the beauty and the care in which we will be giving the peppermint essential oil which will be beneficial to you in various ways and this product is made up of the enriching materials which are fresh and helpful for the health as well in this we have used all the natural materials and 100{617197aab1a3444a9c4dc5705a3704dce0bcd5c4ced3a3fcac36e2d89f910fe5} pure materials.

What we have used peppermint’s brisk, with the aroma which is being enjoyed from the long time being the centuries which is being used in both aromatheraeutic and also culinary applications, at the peppermint are invigorating, cooling and giving the most rejuvenating experience here the peppermint essential oil we are using is 100{617197aab1a3444a9c4dc5705a3704dce0bcd5c4ced3a3fcac36e2d89f910fe5} pure with the steam distilled we have got it from the fresh peppermint leaves.

These products is refreshing with the addition to the DIY natural skin care and also used for hair these product is made by the natural materials including the menthe piperita and Aroma therapeutic also with the GC/IR verified

Suggested Use for oil

we will be suggesting you to use this as for aromatherapy you need to try the blend which is given as follows Add 1 drop of each peppermint oil and also add it with the rosemary oil complementing it with the 2 drops of cinnamon to the blend the carefully dilute the oil as jojoba, olive oil or we can also use the almond oil


This oil blend will be having Fresh aroma, with the strong mint flavor which is god for health..


By using the peppermint essential oil it is having the various benefits like Revitalizing, invigorating, cooling.

Extraction Method used

We have used Steam Distilled from plant’s leaves for the extraction of this peppermint oil.

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