Reduce the symptom of begin prostate hyperplasia

In the male reproductive system, the prostate is the muscular small gland which surrounds with urethra and makes more fluid in the semen.  Sometimes, it gets infected or enlarges and leads to some harmful symptoms and after a long time some complications. However, this problem is treatable so you should meet your doctor and they will diagnose the cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The medicine commonly prescribed in this problem is Cialis. Benign prostate is commonly seen in those men who are more than 80 years.

What are the common symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia?

If the changes in the male sex hormones come with ageing then it may be the reason of this problem. There are some common symptoms also seen in this condition such as-

  • Incomplete bladder emptying.
  • Need to urinate one or two time in the night time.
  • Leakage or incontinence of the urine
  • Painful urination and blood in urine

How you can treat benign prostate hyperplasia?

If you take the recommended and prescribed medication then you can reduce all the symptoms and get a healthy life. You should take the standard doses of the medication for treating the disease.  The recommended dose for this disease is 5mg in a day which should be taken at the same time. This medicine is available on different medical stores but you can also look for it on the online drug store RXshopMD.

What should you do in case of over dose?

If you take a large dose of medicine then it can result in prolonged erection. It can be painful sometimes. There is no need to take any treatment for the overdose but you will have to wait for some time to get normal. On the other aspect, some people experience some harmful signs such as nausea, repaid increase in heart rate, chest pain etc. In such case, some medical assessment is necessary for reducing the symptoms.

Who should avoid this medication?

There are some contraindications also indicated for this medication which are listed below-

  • People who have the problem of heart condition like myocardial infarction in the last three months are not recommended for taking this medicine during the treatment.
  • There are some people who have the problem of stroke. If they have the stroke attack in half of the year then they should avoid this medication.
  • Some people have the problem of unstable blood pressure, angina, arrhythmia then they should avoid the medication for treating the disease.
  • You can also combine it with other medicines which are recommended by the doctor.

How this medicine acts?

When you take the medicine like Tadalafil , it dilates the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. This results in enhancing the blood flow to the penis which causes harder erections which stay for a considerable time period. So, you get more energized and fresh when you take the medicine for treatment.  You should take it 30 minutes before getting involved in the sex activity to get the best results.

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