What is Shirodhara treatment? How is it performed? Full details

Indian ancient medicine system, commonly known as Ayurveda is one of the most famous and effective approaches to a number of health issues. It is filled with procedures, techniques and medicines that help provide a cure to grave problems as well.

One such treatment is “Shirodhara”. This Ayurvedic therapy involves pouring herbal oils (or any other oils) on the forehead for a period of time, which helps strengthen the nervous system and betters our concentration. The name itself originates from the Sanskrit language – “shiro” meaning ‘head’ and “dhara” meaning ‘flow’.

How to

The act of performing Shirodhara is fairly uncomplicated, but one must take care of a few things. Do not undergo this therapy if you have any kind of rash or sunburn on either the head or scalp. It should also not be done if one is suffering from fever, weakness or recovering from a neck injury. Pregnant women are also advised against it.

To get the amazing benefits of Shirodhara, make sure to consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner or a therapist. Discuss in detail the results you are expecting.

Before and after

Once you’ve made the appointment, make sure to eat light during the day. Keep the rest of your day free of other commitments as more often than not, you will be asked to rest after the therapy. Avoid large crowds post therapy and focus on resting your mind as much as you can.

Wear some old clothes because they might get oil on them. The oil is to be kept on the head for at least a couple of hours (advised to stay overnight) – so cover your head with some old cap or scarf after the treatment so as to not catch a cold. When rinsing your hair – put shampoo in first before the water. This will help remove all the oil. Additionally, avoid caffeine for a few days post-therapy as caffeine can throw our body off balance again.


Shirodhara needs to be performed in the most peaceful environment, helping our body and mind achieve uninterrupted peace. This also puts greater emphasis on pre and post-therapy care.

To perform Shirodhara, make sure the room is at a peasant, mild temperature. It can be on a bit warmer side if one prefers to, but cannot be cool – as it involves wetting our heads for a long period of time. Apart from that, absolute silence needs to be maintained.

You will be asked to lie down wearing an old piece of clothing and relax as herbal oils pour over your head. The gentle stream of the oils in the centre of the forehead will create a steady vibration and penetrates into the nervous system.

The oils to be used depend purely on the preference of the person and what they are being treated for. Even plain water can be used in some situations, and oils you are allergic to should be strictly avoided.

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