Traditional Karate Uniform

Traditional Karate Uniform is worn by the latest champions including Olympians. They are white in colour made out of cotton. Egyptian cotton is preferred for this kind.  The top portion has almost gown shaped, but without buttons, they are tied by strings. Also, the belt shall keep them in place. The bottom piece is pyjamas. Both the top and bottom are loose with enough air circulation and flexibility.

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The colour of the belts decides the rank of the karate warrior.

Traditional Karate Uniform can be baggy in nature. The challenger’s bags are the preferred dress beginners as well as professionals prefer to wear. They come in large, medium and extra-large sizes. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, the material is highly durable to avoid quick tearing. And the advantage is that these tradition karate uniforms are very reasonably priced.

We have another highly sought after type called Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard. As the name suggest, these dresses can withstand natural shocks.  My Karate Stores also supply all accessories for this great sports namely belts, bags, and stripes.

The Double Weave Cahill Uniform with Stripes is also in high demands. In case your choice is Tiger Claw traditional Karate Uniform, we have that also. These are available off the shelf.

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The pants or pyjamas are of two-ply construction on the front side running almost its entire length from the thigh to the cuff. Double lock stitch is done to avoid east detachment. The major seams are interlocked. In Karat the pulling force is extremely high, so you need traditional karate uniforms with strong stitches. Special reinforcements at the shoulder, knees, armpits and crotch area are a must for a safer game.

And you should choose the uniforms which are approved by the respective Karate associations. Come and enjoy Karate in our impeccable traditional karate uniforms.

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