What Is A Sinus Lift And Who Needs It?

If you are trying to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw area of your skull, you can get a sinus lift. It is a proven surgical procedure that has helped many people in the past. Do you need one? It depends on the situation that you’re in and any medical procedures you need to undergo in the future.

The most common reason cited as to why somebody gets NoVA OMFS is that they’re looking to get dental implants. Dental implants are what people opt to go for if they’re trying to replace natural teeth.

How does the sinus lift procedure work?

A sinus lift is done by augmenting the jaw bone with a bone graft. In a sinus lift procedure, as the name states, the sinus is going to be moved up. It is secured in place by supporting it there as it heals.

As soon as the sinus lift succeeds, there is usually a 6 month waiting time before someone undergoes a surgery that can affect their jaw bone again. It’s more common for those looking to get a dental implant than those who don’t really have any issues with the jaw structure or bones.

What’s the significance of dental implants to sinus lift?

Dental implant surgeries are some of the more common reasons given by those who are looking to get a sinus lift. To ensure that there’s a way to support the implant, the upper or lower jaw needs to have enough bone.

The dental implants will be attached directly into the bone. If the bone is insufficient in the upper jaw area, this is when the sinus lift is suggested. While there may be a longer waiting time to get the dental implant, a sinus lift guarantees that it will be done in the future.

Can you get a sinus lift and dental implants in a short span of time?

The most suggested waiting time between NoVa OMFS and dental implants is 6 months. This gives you plenty of time to heal. Your gums, teeth, and jaws are going to be at its most relaxed so there’s no need to worry about any complications later on.

Infections are also extremely uncommon to find when a sinus lift procedure has already been done 6 months prior to the dental implant. This is due to the upper jaw area having enough time to heal up for another surgery in the form of dental implants.

Do I really need to get this procedure?

If your jaw bone has been injured in the past or you have a damaged jaw bone that makes it not a good candidate for a dental implant, then you definitely should get a sinus lift.

Dental implants are fantastic to have as they can improve your quality of life. For some, the main selling point of dental implants is that they get to have new permanent teeth. For others, dental implants solve the insecurity of being observed as someone with missing teeth.

At NoVA OMFS, our team of experts can help you through the most simple dental surgery to the most complicated procedures you may need. Contact us today for more info!

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