What you need to know about Jungian Psychotherapist NYC

Living in New York City can be extremely hard because of its fast pace and focus on movement all the time. If it becomes too much, you might consider working with a Jungian psychotherapist NYC. Jungian therapy is unique in that it analyzes personal and professional problems at a deep level, beyond the superficial. It strives to identify complexes to help you heal more creatively and productively. It is also beneficial in assisting you to create and keep more positive relationships.

At your first meeting with a Jungian analyst, an important goal is to establish a positive relationship with the therapist. This is important to help you begin the healing process in the best way. Without a good relationship with the therapist, there is likely to be little healing accomplished.

Through Jungian analysis, you will be able to accept the inner truths that your wiser unconscious self already knows. Your dreams are the key as they often show gaps between consciousness and these inner truths. They show the problems we have related to the attitude of our conscious selves.

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While you may not always be able to remember your dreams, you may find that you start to remember more of them through therapy. If you have a dream you remember before the first session, share it with the analyst during that first meeting. It is critical for therapy and healing to begin moving down the right path.  

Even if you don’t dream often or don’t remember them when you do, Jungian therapy can still be helpful. Dreams can help analysis, but they are not required for therapy to be positive and healing. Don’t avoid Jungian therapy because of a lack of dreams or being able to remember them.

You can expect sessions with your therapist to occur once a week. But, if you and your therapist agree, they can happen more often. Typically, sessions happen face-to-face as this creates a personalized and therapeutic environment. You and your therapist, however, may come to a different arrangement if it is agreeable to both of you.

  1. G. Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, lived between 1875 and 1961, and he had a deep understanding of the human psyche. He held that the psyche is based on a broader unconsciousness common to every person. Complexes occur when disturbances between how we experience the outer world and our expectations of our inner basic human consciousness occur. The Self is the most essential and controlling of the patterns of inner basic human consciousness.

Contact a Jungian psychotherapist NYC to start down the path to help you resolve these types of conflicts in your life.

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